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Level 7

3910RW express plus unstable

Had this for...about a year (3910r)  . I exclusivity got it so I could play sleep music with the media player with DLNA (liquid mind) . With the analog hookup I could hook the audio out directly to my amp and composite to tv for management. Weeks ago it started acting up. Stopped playing after about a day. Sometimes reboots.

Resetting in software or hardware only helps for a little while. Using the secret menu I was able to totally force started doing l the latest os version. This helped for a while too. It started doing the same thing after a while. Did both at the same time, eventually same result. 

Are these doomed to the problem? I have a friend who gets similar "refurbished" ones off ebay and they all eventually fail

Is this flash corruption? Memory corruption? 

The warranty is unfortunately 90 days in the us. Has any part been seen as the culprit? 

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