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3800r stick locks up and becomes useless all the time.

"RokuShawnS wrote" wrote:
Delete the channel, reboot your Roku (unplug, wait 3-5 mins, then plug it back in), and then re-add the channel.  Make sure you reboot in between those steps.

Also, what's your download/upload speed ( and internet provider?

Originally I was replying to an old thread but since the initial reporter said his issue was resolved and it was old I decided to make a separate thread on this.

Here is the thing.  Roku's freezing, locking up, remotes not working has been going on for so long now that its apparent it IS a hardware problem.  I have a brand new Roku 3800r stick sits 4 feet from my Netgear NightHawk X4S that is connected to COMCAST with a speed average of over 200mbps down and over 15 up.  So not sure how any of that could be a problem.  After a hard boot it just locks up so clearly not a directv now problem either as it wont even fully load up.  What I do know is that once it locks up the only way to get it to work is to unplug it and let it cool down or stick it into the freezer for a few seconds before it will work again.  The Roku is in an open area and the TV itself really produces no noticeable heat to the touch by the roku.  Ambient air temp in the room is constant 68 degrees year round.  So why does it overheat and lock up?  This happens because Roku in their infamous wisdom decided to create a device that never powers off yet has no cooling whatsoever.  Further they used the cheapest Chinese components they could find that in all likely hood vary in composition as Chinese factories use whatever they have left lying around and stuck it in a plastic body.  This effectively eliminating the ability for it to dissipate generated heat so after being plugged into power if it is being used or not it suffers from heat soak and locks up. Can we please stop dancing around the fire on this Roku and finally be honest about the issue?  I mean after all one google on roku locks up nets tons of people having the same issue on a couple types of roku players. Time to admit the engineering team failed so you can start doing better. 
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