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3700X - just suddenly disappeared!!

I fell asleep watching my Roku last night, then today my TV says "no signal"... I've already done all the steps recommended, including:
- Confirmed power is on (white light, not blinking)
- Confirmed WIFI is working (all other devices in my house recognize WIFI)
- Put new batteries in my remote control
- Checked HDMI connections and cords. Swapped cords with my cable box - cable box works with either cord, Roku doesn't work on either cord.
- Tried Roku on a different TV, still didn't work
- Hit the factory reset button for 60s - no change
Please let me know if you can help, I miss my Roku! Thanks!
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Re: 3700X - just suddenly disappeared!!

I have seen reports, though I've not experienced this myself, that some ISPs who supply the router are turning off 2.4 GHz network, and using 5 GHz only. Others that have seen this may be able to report on it, and I'm only repeating second- (or maybe even third-) hand information.

The model 3700 Express only supports 2.4 GHz, so if your ISP's wireless router turned it off, being "helpful," then that's the cause. Check to see if it's running on your network.

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