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3600X Stick Not Booting; "No Signal" Message on the TV Screen.

Hello All,

When I turned on my tv, the stick did not boot, although the power light was on (it's not coming on at this point). I removed it, turned off the tv, turned it back on & installed the stick... nothing. I pressed the "reset" button on the stick (20 seconds) & did the above, & I got to the home screen. Clicked Hulu, it failed to load & the "no signal" message appeared again. Tried the other hdmi port & it got to the dancing Roku, froze, & then "no signal". Tried my dvd player in both ports & it worked. Used the power supply adapter, rather than the usb port, nothing. Tried a different power cable... nothing.  This stick is used in my tv, & in the two & half years I've had it, it's been removed perhaps ten or fifteen times.  I also have a small fan placed to keep the stick from overheating.

Could an update have caused this problem?  Is there a way to "wipe" a Roku stick or an update & reinitialize the stick?

2 1/2 years is too short a time for a stick failure!


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