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3500X Roku Stick S-L-O-W UI

I recently resurrected my 3500X Roku Streaming stick to use in my new home office.  It has been awhile since I've used it and so it has been upgraded to the latest software. The UI is extremely slow now and I read an older post from 2017 that software after 7.7 slowed performance of the streaming stick and people were requesting to be rolled back to the older software.  I followed the instructions and sent an email to be added to the list, but I have not seen or heard anything yet and I'm still running on 8.1.0.  Can someome please help me get my SW downgraded so my Roku can function again?  Thanks!
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Re: 3500X Roku Stick S-L-O-W UI

That's a really old device, released over 4 years ago. There have been two major hardware updates to the Roku Stick line (3600 in 2016, 3800/3810 in 2017). So, while I'm not going to recommend you upgrade, other will. And they wouldn't be wrong.

But, to your point about getting software rolled back... That was a rollback from a 7.7 update to an earlier (7.x) version. Don't know if Roku will roll back 8.1 to 8.0, or even if it would be worthwhile. That is to say, it might not get you what you want. Kinda doubt Roku would roll back 8.1 to 7.6/earlier, but they'd need to make that call.

Others that still have the original HDMI Stick (yours is that; it replaced the MHL Stick) would need to chime in and say if 8.0 makes it more usable. 

What might help is if you could provide to RokuShawnS any kind of support/ticket number, if you have one. it also might be helpful if you could find that post that indicated the rollback, particularly if it's from an actual Roku person (they'll have "Roku" in their username).
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Re: 3500X Roku Stick S-L-O-W UI

My stick is the 3600, and the UI performance is just as good as my Sharp TV, Ultra or Roku 4. It's noticeably better than my Insignia TV. Sounds like the 3500 is just past its prime, as my 2 XS players are. 
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Re: 3500X Roku Stick S-L-O-W UI

I have a Roku 3500 also which has become very slow. I'm running 9.0.0. It sped up significantly when I changed the display resolution from 1080p to 720P in the roku settings.
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