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2nd Roku Ultra 2020 makes thumping sound switching between audio types

We bought a Roku Ultra 2020 on release day.  All worked fine except weird audio out of sync with video problem that we had to counter with an audio delay.  That unit bricked on Day 2.  On that unit we also used Passthrough to get accurate audio from the source channels instead of always being converted to Dolby Digital.  The sound worked great switching between the audio types.


We took the bricked unit back (yes we tried all troubleshooting steps and nothing worked, not even the reset button) and got a replacement.


Well this replacement is having the same audio out of sync with video issue and also issues with Audio Passthrough.  When the unit first loads a program and there is any change in the audio type it makes a thump sound.  When we stop a program it also makes a similar thump sound.  Basically when it changes from Linear PCM to DD or back.


And if we go to settings and then change back to Auto Detect from Passthrough we get the same thump sound.  Change it back to Passthrough in menu no noise.  Change back to Auto Detect in menu same noise.


It is a low bass sound and we can actually hear the mid range cone of our surround speakers make one of the frequencies of the thump sound.

Our setup is as follows.

Roku Ultra 2020 with provided HDMI cable to LG 55UH8500.  Optical cable to Sony STR-DG820.


Rebooting doesn't change the behavior.

I think we got another bad unit.  This unit is still running OS9.3.  Not sure if OS9.4 will fix this issue as it could be hardware related.  Very tempted to return this unit and go back to using our Roku 3 that has been a great unit for 4 years.

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Level 9

Re: 2nd Roku Ultra 2020 makes thumping sound switching between audio types

I've also tested removing the audio connection between the TV and the AVR and the pop thump sound still exists on the TV speakers so it isn't an issue of the optical connection between the TV and our AVR.

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