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24p frame rate motion issues

The past week I've notice that when watching prime video or apply tv content in 24p. I notice there is alot frame skips and motion stutters. Especially when it comes to facial movements. Almost like the roku stick cannot adjust to 24p content correctly.

Netflix and disney do not seem to support frame rate matching, therefore cannot tell if the issue persists in these apps.

However, when I disable auto-adjust display refresh rate, the movement much better and consistent. 

I have a sony ag8 oled tv, and it's not a tv issues as I dont have these motion issues with 4k hdr blu ray running in 24p. Plus motion on sony tv's is spot on, probably the best there is.

I've currently got auto-adjust display refresh rate disabled and using tv motion settings with film mode to high and smoothness to min, which yielding far better performance then frame rate matching.

Has anyone else notice this issue? 

I performed a hard reset in the roku stick, however this didn't resolve the issue.


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Re: 24p frame rate motion issues

I think roku implements imperfect frame rate matching. 24p for most purposes actually means 23.976 frames per second. Google why this is the case. 90-something percent of 24p content is actually streamed at 23.976 frames per second. However, 24.000 frames per second is also a valid output that very little content actually utilizes. I believe the roku only supports exactly 24 frames per second output. This means that the vast majority of content that is actually 23.976 skips one frame every 42 seconds when forces to output at exactly 24. The same logic applies to 30p content, which is almost always 29.97 frames per second; Roku in this case probably only supports exactly 30 frames. The same logic again probably applies to the quite rare 60p content which is again almost always 59.94 frames per second; Roku again probably only supports exactly 60. I believe this is the case unless Roku developer's provide some information or more detailed release notes on their frame rate matching.

The good news for you is that you have an impressive new OLED TV. The sony app ecosystem has its own Netflix app that will play all content perfectly smoothly. Consult the website to get the best settings for your TV model in regards to motion and judder.

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Re: 24p frame rate motion issues

Thanks for your response.

I've switch frame rate matching off  now and I'm using sony tv motion settings to remove the judder. Which is working quite well. I would use the built in apps, they dont work that well worth android tv. Also there alot of apps you cant get on sony tv, which you can on the Roku stick.

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