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1920x1080@6?! Whats causes this?

On the youtube app, when showing stats for nerds, under the current/optimal resolution line, a few videos I've come across will show 1920x1080@6, leaving off the 0 of 60. These videos cause all 3 of my roku premiere+'s to buffer and crash the app. The same videos play fine on my roku stick, apple tv, and thru the lg oled tv youtube app. Every other video that shows 1920x1080@60 play perfectly fine on the Premiere+'s. It's the ones leaving off the last 0 that are causing me headaches. How does this happen that the 0 gets left off? I see it too often from various video channels to think it's the uploader's fault. Is it a bug in whatever program is generating the "stats"?
Here are some links to some videos with this missing 0...
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Re: 1920x1080@6?! Whats causes this?

I just tried both of those links using my computer browser, and I'm only seeing 1280x720 as the optimum resolution (yes, I'm using 1080 monitors). but yeah, it shows a 6 instead of 60 for the framerate. My guess is there's something funky with the videos (especially since they're really just audio with a still image). Must be something in the YouTube app on your Premiere boxes that is differing from the other players. 
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