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wifi says excellent wifi and has internet connection but apps wont work

Did anybody actually figure out how to fix this? It has nothing to do with my network I have Xfinity cable and every other device works perfectly my fire stick works awesome on the exact same location exact same TV exact same network and it says I have an excellent connection when connecting the Roku there’s obviously some sort of glitch since I’m having the same issue where I cannot open apps. I have updated the device and have done both hard and soft resets… I even reset to factory settings with no luck

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Re: wifi says excellent wifi and has internet connection but apps wont work

@Rinrin21 Thanks for reaching out here. 

When you say apps aren't working, what do you see on screen when you try to launch a streaming channel? Are there any error messages, or what exactly occurs? 

Have you tried performing a factory reset on the device, then setting it up again? Try following the steps here to reset your device, then go through setup once more:

Does this clear up the issue you are seeing? 


Please keep us posted from there! 




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Re: wifi says excellent wifi and has internet connection but apps wont work


I have this same issue with all 4 of my Roku streaming players for months.  We have Comcast Xfinity internet and over 200MB speeds.  Our Roku's are connected to our internet, they say the signal strength is excellent but each time we try to use any of the apps (Hulu, Disney+, Netflix etc.) We get network error messages or No internet Connection error messages.

Over the past several months we have been doing the following daily.

1. Restart the Rokus

2. Reconnect to our in home internet

3. Have removed and re-added Apps

4. Have contacted our Internet provider whom says since you're connecting fine and other devices are working fine on the network it's and issue with the Rokus that will have to be address by the Manufacture.

5. Have Factory Reset all of them twice now.

Our issue still persists! When we try to go to the apps they'll say some form of Network error or Not connected to the internet or No Internet.

What do i do now????



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