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unable to use remote or connect to network after overheating alert

Model:  Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810X

My device received the on screen warning that it was overheating yesterday.   Since then when the device boots up,  it does not connect to my network and I cannot use the remote at all.   Here's what I have tried with no success:

* Plugging the USB power cable into a power socket using the roku provided USB power adapter
* Switching the HDMI port
* Connecting via the Roku App (doesn't connect since it's not on the network)
* Ordering the HDMI extender (in the mail currently)
* Factory Reset by holding down the power button.  This takes me to the language select screen and later the pair your remote dialog.  The remote is in pairing mode (blinking green light) but nothing happens and I am unable to use the remote
* Removing / replacing the remote batteries with fresh ones

My wifi router is brand new and is able to establish a connection for a variety of my other devices, and the roku stick itself is no more than 6' away from the router, so I'm fairly confident that wifi connectivity it not an issue here.  The fact that the remote fails to work seems to suggest there is something broken about the device's wireless radios.

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Re: unable to use remote or connect to network after overheating alert

I am having the exact same difficulty, without receiving the Overheating message to my knowledge. Have you been able to find a resolution to this?

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