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roku stick - update wifi network w/o remote

I set up a new router and I cannot access the settings for my Roku stick b/c I don't have the remote.  I've been using the Roku app; but since the Roku is looking for the old network and my phone is on the new network, it isn't working.  I got a One for All universal remote.  It worked for my Roku 2D box but it is not working for the stick.  I tired to manually pair it using both codes provided by One for All for Roku.

Any suggestions??

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Re: roku stick - update wifi network w/o remote

Use the same name and password for your new network and your roku will automatically connect.

If this isn't possible, you will need to buy a new remote.  The Roku Sticks use RF for connection so your universal remote will not work.
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Re: roku stick - update wifi network w/o remote

Yes, change your new router SSID and user login password to match those your previous router was using.  The Roku will then log in as before.

Or, you can set up your cell phone as a hotspot using the previous SSID and user password from your previous router and your Roku will log into your phone WIFI hotspot.  You can control your Roku network configuration from there and Roku search networks log into the new router with new router user password.

3rd choice is to power up old router and new router simultaneously and log into old router with cell phone to operate Roku and search network, select new network router and user password to allow Roku to log into new router.  Then remove/power off old router if you prefer once Roku is logged into new router.

Do not hard-reset  the Roku, it might be impossible to reconfigure it without a remote.  I wouldn't know how, I've tried and failed like many others.
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