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roku express won't stay connected to wifi

My Roku Express won't stay connected to wifi for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.  I've followed all of the suggestions, restart, delete and restart account, etc.  Hulu live is the primary issue since I'm trying to watch football.  BTW, I can watch Hulu live on all other internet connected devices ie, pc, laptop.  The Roku express is located less than 2 feet from my router, so I doubt thats it.

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Re: roku express won't stay connected to wifi

In reality it might be too close to the router. Sometimes it can help to move it a little further away. The wavelength at 2.4 GHz is just under 5 inches (122.45 mm), so if you're in a null for some reason it doesn't take much of a move to change the signal reception. 

Of course, interference from another 2.4 GHz signal could be causing a problem as well. Things like portable phones (not cell phones), other wireless access points/routers, etc. You might try changing the channel your wireless uses. That's done in the router/WAP settings.

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Re: roku express won't stay connected to wifi

I read your reply to db876 and understand the possibility of conflicts on the 2.4ghz band.  I currently have 8 devices connected at 2.4ghz, 4 devices at 5ghz and 4 wired all on an ORBI router with 2 satellites.  2.4ghz runs on channel 11 and the 5ghz on channel 44.  

I have a Roku Express on a Vizio 24" about 16 feet away from Satellite #1 which is also connected to 4 other devices (cameras).  The Express keeps dropping the tv feed no matter if it's Prime, Roku channels or Sling.

I also have an Express on an older Sanyo maybe 12 feet from the router - it doesn't drop the signal anywhere near what the one for the Vizio does.  Any suggestions?