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roku express can't find wireless networks & shows not connected

In the middle of a movie started getting the blue running circle every 20-30 seconds then Not Connected. Tried to reconnect. Not Connected. Restarted Roku. No networks found. Not connected. All other devices, laptop, phone, tablets are connected and running beautifully. There was no update to the router itself and no lapse or slowdown with the wireless on the other devices. 

Current version is 9.2 and it was running fine until the above occurred so it can't be a problem with 2.4 vs. 5. Please Help!!!

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Re: roku express can't find wireless networks & shows not connected

I know this doesn't seem to make much sense when your other devices see the network and connect without problems, but this has worked for me several times in the past.

Restart the router. After the router comes back up, restart the Roku (Settings > System > System restart) to start with a clean slate and try to reconnect.

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Re: roku express can't find wireless networks & shows not connected

Makes no sense, since 1 of my 4 Rokus connected wireless and other 3 did not. Unplug Roku. Switch off router for 30 seconds Plus. Router back on. Once up and going plug in Roku. Worked on al three. Thanks.

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