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roku doesn't show my wifi connection

My roku express plus doesn't show my wifi despite showing all of my neighbors. I have unplugged it multiple times and my router yet it still doesn't pick it up despite being right next to each other. I have also clicked the scan again option multiple times. My computer, phone,  and tv are still able to find and use my wifi. Any advice?

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Re: roku doesn't show my wifi connection

The Express+ has a single band radio, so it will only see 2.4 GHz. It's possible (unlikely, but possible) that a channel change might help. Perhaps one of the other WiFi access points is interfering with it. Since it's seen by the other devices, as it said it's unlikely, but one thing to try. That will of course make a slight disconnect for your other devices, but they should link back up on the new channel. 

Also, it's possible to be too close, so you might trying adding a bit of distance between them. Sometimes it's only a matter of inches. 

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