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roku 3810 wont connect to wifi after password was changed

i had to change the password on my modem/router and go go thru and reconnect all devices.all went well till it came time to connect my 2 roku sticks,after about 50 tries,resetting,restarting everything multiple times ,one unit finally reconnected.the other one has not yet.its been 2 weeks of multiple tries,9 out 10,wont connect, the other one it connects and then while trying to go thru all the setups, it disconnects and so it begins all over again. really fed up with the whole roku BS. anyone have any suggestions as i am ready to throw this piece of garbage away.

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Re: roku 3810 wont connect to wifi after password was changed

Easier passwords work better.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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