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problem with picture

I have 2 Roku streaming devices:  1 ultra and 1 express or express +, I am not sure which.  After 1 year of using both without any problems I now have a rectangular segment on the bottom of the screen filling the middle 2/3's about 4-5 inches high which is partially gray and partially filled with linear random patterns of color.  If I reboot the problem disappears and then may return spontaneously or it seems to reoccur if I change the volume.  Any ideas or is there a way to actually talk to a Roku technician?  Thanks

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Re: problem with picture

1) You can determine your Roku model and model number (you really should report both, since Roku tends to re-use model names from year to year) via Settings > System > About.

2) I've never seen anything from any of my Roku models that pops up in that part of the screen.  This sounds to me like something being generated by the tv, especially if you say a volume change triggers it.   If you change the volume with the TV's remote or on-set buttons does it happen then too?

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