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one device works... three do not pick up network.


I currently have a Roku Streaming Stick that works on one TV.  It works perfectly.

I am having a problem with a second unit (several units).  I purchases a Roku Premiere less than a year ago and was using it fine on a second tv.  About a month ago it stopped working and would not list my home network,  It would list both neighbours networks.  I tried several times to reset both router and Roku device to no avail.   Figuring it was dead and no receipt I accepted the fact that things just die and would replace the unit.  I bought a new Roku Premiere and everything worked great for about 2 weeks and the same thing was happening.  Doing research I found out trying my cell phone hotspot mght work.  Yes I can pick up my hotspot and the neighbour's networks but who wants to use data to watch tv.  Figuring my luck was just bad, I tried a Streaming Stick + and now have three units of 4 not able to find my home network.  Issues I have seen about 2.4G vs 5G do not relate here as I have one unit working just great.  Can someone please help.  I have almost as much money tied up in devices as I would have if I just bought a Roku enabled TV.


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