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new wifi router & no remote to connect premier

I just installed a new router. I have only used my phone app as the remote...there is no other remote control. My phone is connected to the new wifi and will not connect to the roku because the roku is no longer connected to wifi. I can not manually connect my phone's app to the roku because I can not get the IP address of the roku without a remote to navigate the roku on the tv. I have no idea what to do. please help!

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Re: new wifi router & no remote to connect premier

The Roku has to be connected to the network before the app will work. The Roku doesn't have an IP address until it connects. No way around that. However, your Roku supports IR control, so you can either find an inexpensive IR remote that includes Roku codes at a store, or you might even have a remote on hand that might work. Roku uses the same IR codes as Vizio, and a couple of other brands. 

There is one other option: change the SSID name and the password of your wireless connection so it's the same as your previous wireless router. Then your Roku will connect using its stored credentials. 

You can change your SSID and password in your router's settings web page. I can't give you direction there, since they are all different. And of course, you have to know your old SSID and password in the first place.


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