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dont care to reset my whole network when just the roku doesnt connect

I d/k why you advise to RESET an entire network when the ONLY problem is with your device?  Having said that recently I've bene running into problems with my ROKU ULTRA where it starts to BUFFER than disconnect even though it says that SIGNAL STRENGTH from my wi fi connection is EXCELLENT.  It give a 14.40 error which pertains to it losing my PASSWORD & does so frequently.  None of my other devices do that, I've no problems with any of them, they stay connected, phones, laptop, IPAD, etc.  Just your ROKU gives me headaches like it doesn't REMEMBER things it should REMEMBER.  I am going to RESET just the ROKU as I really don't care to have EVERYTHING go off line when your device FREAKS OUT which it is doing FREQUENTLY.

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Re: dont care to reset my whole network when just the roku doesnt connect


We can only advise you what we have found works for us.  If you don't want to follow the given advice, that's up to you.

Personally I think some/most?/all? Rokus don't recover from router upsets/instabilities that other devices may not have a problem with. 

For what it's worth, I used to have to re-establish the wifi connection on the much used Streaming Stick+ in my living room several times a month.  I've not had to reset it in the couple months since replacing my old Western Digital router with a new Asus.

I've also wondered if it is upsets occurring while the Roku is actually streaming that cause the problem since I only had to re-connect my living room Roku which gets MUCH more daily use than the other units.

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