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data useage

I have some questions about data useage .
On my roku,
 there is a setting for display  type.  It can be set to  720p,  1080p   etc.
 Does this affect  how the video is downloaded (does it affect data useage) ?  
If not, what does it affect,  What would  be the affect of the 2 above settings on a 720p tv  and on a 1080p tv?  What happens if the setting does not match  the tv.  And how can i control the streaming quality to lower data useage?

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Re: data useage

Some services allow you to control data usage per Profile. Netflix is an example of this. You log in via a Web browser, select the profile, then set the streaming quality. Another Netflix alternative is to drop to the SD $7.99/month plan. Only 1 stream at a time, though.

If a streaming service offers this functionality, that’s the best option.

Apart from that, many streams do try give you the best video quality they can. For those, setting your Roku to a lower resolution, such as 720p, will help, but they’ll give you the best 720p they can. That is, it’ll still use about 3x an SD stream. 1080p will use about 7x an SD stream. 

These numbers are approximate and are a simple calculation of a complex set of circumstances.
Roku Ultra (4660)
Apple TV (5th gen), TiVo

Roku boxes from every generation.
Apple TV (2nd, 3rd, 4th gen)
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Re: data useage

If you're  worried about data usage / data caps,  rather than set the display resolution hoping to limit data usage,  you could set a bandwidth limit in your router(don't exceed 2 mb/sec) , or set a data download limit on the Roku itself (see this article ... your-roku/ ) and set the stream rate manually  to around 2 mb

I did this on my older roku and it helped a lot. It kept me from going over.
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