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connect my apple devices with Airplay to Roku express and tv

Just installed my new Roku express ( model 3900X Roku Express; v 9.4.0 - 4200-51) and I cannot connect wirelessly or mirror  with AirPlay, if you will with any on my apple devices..I have latest iPad, an iPhone 8 and a Mac mini running Catalina, and my attempt are made while all devices are on same wireless network!!!
I followed the instructions but I do not see the apple in the list of devices to connect on the Roku , and from my Mac or does not  « see » it…..
A bit disappointed as it is a big reason for me to get this……It works with YouTube but it would be much much better if I could do as with Chromecast to be able to mirror to the TV throw the Roku unit….
followed those instructions to a t :
and still the unit will not recognizes/see the AirPlay unit
Am I missing something??
Feedback much appreciated....


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