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cannot connect tcl roku tv's after orbi netgear firmwear update

Hi:  Everything was working fine with my tv's and internet until this morning.  Apparently, overnight, my Netgear ORBI set up required a firmware update (just the router).  I updated the firmware, and all my other devices are able to reconnect EXCEPT by 2 TCL Roku TV's.  I spoke with Roku/Netgear/Spectrum (internet provider) and everyone is pointing the finger at the other, but clearly it has something to do with both ROKU not being able to connect to the internet and perhaps the firmware update to the Netgear Router.

My ORBI app sees both devices, and says they are "connected".  My TV's are being connected by ethernet cable to ORBI satellites.  Both are able to "connect" to the device, but cannot then connect to the internet.  Has anyone had this problem before?  And I've done all the standard troubleshooting with restarting the router, even tried factory settings on one of the TV's, but nothing worked. Thanks!

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Re: cannot connect tcl roku tv's after orbi netgear firmwear update

I have the same issue with my TCL and my Orbi. I have to manually reconnect to the WiFi nearly every time I turn on the tv. This happened only after I upgraded my router to an Orbi. I had the standard spectrum router previously, but did not have this problem. Hopefully someone can solve this issue. It’s very annoying!

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