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Yet another double-blinking white light issue...

I'm posting this in the Network location only because I saw a Roku tech's response in another thread that the double-blinking white LED is most likely a network-related issue.

Here is my setup:

2 Roku devices:  One is an Ultra, using ethernet connection  The other is a Roku Streaming Stick+ connected via wifi to a wired access point about 10 feet away with no walls between. The Streaming Stick+ shows an "excellent" connection, which makes sense since it's only feet from a wired AP.  It is connected to a 5 GHz band radio on the AP.

All other wifi devices in the home work properly.
All Rokus, including these two, work well when streaming from AirTV, Netflix, Pluto, etc.
Both Rokus pass the network connection test and consistently show 85-90 mbps on our 100 mbps internet connection.

 I have rebooted the router, switches (unmanaged) and APs several times in the past few months.   
I have rebooted both Rokus several times.
I have factory reset the wired Roku Ultra  once in the past fewmonths.

Both Rokus exhibit the double-blinking white LED randomly throughout the day, usually about every 15 minutes it starts.  It lasts less than 5 minutes, then the LED goes steady again.  Rinse, repeat.

The Ultra is used throughout the day and I've only observed the blinking while in use watching various  streaming channels on Sling.
The Streaming stick is hardly ever used (but is powered on using the USB-plug adapter) at all times.  I notice the Streaming Stick double-blinking almost every night when I'm in bed and the room is dark, eve though it's not being used and the TV is off.  I see it blinking behind the TV.  Usually after several minutes, it goes steady again, just like the Ultra.  All this time, the Stick is not in use, (I always hit Home before turning off TV) and the TV is off.

I've tried the uninstall-the-mobile-app solution another thread poster indicated was the solution to their problem, but mine persists.  Since it occurs on both wired and wifi-connected Rokus, I don't think it's a wifi issue.  I can run connection tests all day on either device -- even when it's blinking -- and it shows a good connection with 85+ mbps speed.

Both devices have DHCP IP addresses assigned (fixed per their MACs at the router) and the IP assigned in the router table matches the IP displayed on the Roku's network info page.

Again, they are both working fine and I rarely see any buffering (only from local OTA AirTV channels on occasion in Slling), but all of the "cable" Sling channels (MTV, HGTV, etc.) run flawlessly with Sling set to the highest "best -- no limit" connection setting. I certainly can't see any evidence of any type of network congestion or other communication issue.

I'm at a loss for what to try next and would appreciate any advice.


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Re: Yet another double-blinking white light issue...

It sounds like they're working as far as streaming goes, so I think I'd just stick a piece of black tape over the light and forget about it.  :-)

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