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Wondering who else is having problems with Roku as a new user

I am a new  user of Roku with Hulu and I am not getting the same great performance that everyone else seems to be getting.

Roku System test always  show  excellent wireless connectivity and download speeds of  4mbps -9mbps.   Speed of me test always shows download speeds in excess of  45 mbps.

But i normally get stuck watching twisting roku letters for a minute or more before it kicks over to select  hulu... and then another minute before I get connected to Hulu.

On average, once a day Hulu tells me I have to reactivate my Roku device with a new code .

I regularly get error prompts in the middle of a program about a network problem,  trouble connecting to the page,  etc. 

I installed the Ruku wire / antenna but that has had no effect.

The monitor is only 15 feet away from my xfinity modem/wireless

And if I connect to Hulu via my laptop,  I have none of these problems.

So I am left wondering what the bleep is going on.  Is there some additional component that I am missing?


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Re: Wondering who else is having problems with Roku as a new user

I try to Unhook my Internet and try to rest it and keep off for the whole night it was working just fine and all it dose it not work and the Internet connection said it good but it dose dose the same thing I don’t want to go back to Cable what should I do plz help 

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Re: Wondering who else is having problems with Roku as a new user

Today all my roku devices went to below 10 mbps. my computers still running 60 mbps to 94 mbps. but the Roku devices testing out to 1 to 9 mbps. Something is wrong. Maybe roku's servers? or routers???  I called spectrum and blamed them for blocking video ports, but it is hard to tell from my end. Roku does not provide adequate technical information to figure it out. The Spectrum rep, said to load my web browser, I told her there is not one, She said there is one on my firestick that comes with it..... maybe I am using the wrong devices.  What about it roku, you could easily load a browser on your device. ??? Then we could to test to an independent server.

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