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Won’t connect to network unless internet is available

In the past, the Roku would connect to our home WiFi network even if our internet were down. (We live in a rural area, and that’s not uncommon.) Then we could watch live or recorded OTA TV through our Tablo device. But since the June 3, 2020, update, the Roku will not connect to the network if the internet service is not available. In the “setup connection” process, the Roku gives a green check to the network, a red check to the internet, and then says “not connected” to the network. This is unacceptable. 

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Re: Won’t connect to network unless internet is available

To bump this topic........hoping for a Roku input


There was a recent post on the Tablo forums about a similar issue.  I have tracked that down to an issue with the Roku rather than the Tablo.   Sure enough I am able to duplicate that myself here.    Though not sure when the issue began.


If I have a Roku Streaming Stick(+ in my case) already powered on and connected to my Network and then remove the WAN access(internet) the Roku will remain connected with an IP address.  However if I power up a Roku or reboot the one that was just working it will not get an IP address from my network Router as long as the internet is disconnected/disabled.

In the case above one cannot access other network connected devices, like a Tablo DVR, to watch any content.


Edit to add....I attempted this on my Roku Ultra(Firmware 9.3.0 build 4170-46) which is connected via ethernet but doesn't duplicate.  I did not try it with the wireless radios however.

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