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Won’t connect to extender

My Roku Stick used to connect to my WiFi extender all the time and stay connected whether I turned my tv off or not….then it started disconnecting every time I turned my tv off and it would take a few minutes to auto connect again….then it stopped connecting and I had to manually reconnect it to the WiFi extender…..NOW…IT WON’T CONNECT AT ALL!  I am beyond frustrated with it…and the fact that Roku HAS ZERO SUPPORT FOR THEIR PRODUCTS!  I will not be recommending anyone to buy a Roku stick, or any Roku products because Roku will not offer any support when there’s any problem with their product.  

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Re: Won’t connect to extender

More helpful if you provide a model # and firmware version (Settings/System/About)

Try powering it via the USB AC adapter instead of by the TV and see if that makes a difference to its wireless stability/connectivity.

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