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Won't connect to Internet on Day 2 -- with two Rokus

Okay, this is v strange.  We bought a Roku Express last week, set it up, it worked great the first evening, and then we could not get it to reconnect to the Internet on subsequent days.  We tried everything from the help page:  restarting, resetting, turning the modem on and off...  Every other device worked fine from the same location.

We finally thought it must have been a faulty Roku.  We couldn't return it because of the Coronavirus policies at Target, but we bought a second one yesterday -- and the exact same thing has happened.  It worked great last night, and the WE CAN NOT GET IT TO CONNECT to the Internet again today

What the heck?  And how in the world can we fix this?

Thank you,



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Re: Won't connect to Internet on Day 2 -- with two Rokus

The Modems you get from say AT&T for example can  be unreliable.

You might well do better to get a wireless Router and connect it to

your modem via Ethernet cable. Im making presumptions of course.

Is your smart phone connected to wireless also?

Or a computer???

Will the Roku connect again without a reset Settings/Network/Set up connection>>wireless

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Won't connect to Internet on Day 2 -- with two Rokus

@merlyn Thanks for the note. If you're experiencing issues with your device's connection, we'd recommend taking a look here for tips to troubleshoot or adjust your network's settings in order to help resolve these types of issues:

Namely, changing the wireless broadcast channel on your wireless router can help improve signal and eliminate wireless interference that may occur. You ISP or wireless router manufacturer can assist you with this. 




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