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Won't connect to 5g

Frustrated as I can't do a search for 5g in this forum but I know there must be plenty of posts.  Initially set up my Roku player just fine but recently lost the 5g connection and can't get it back.  None of the equipment has moved all other devices in the house that use the 5g network find it.  Roku does not.  I removed a wireless phone from the same room as the modem.  I've changed the modem channel for 5g.  I've rebooted all devices and at some point disabled the 2g network but then Roku finds no networks.  I've tried unlinking and relinking.  I'm thinking there is no Roku support since I have the Express model and only have the standard documents available which are good when things are working as they should but don't go beyond that.

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Re: Won't connect to 5g

Express models won't see 5G. Only 2.4. See:

Only the "Dual-band" models listed will see the 5G,
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Re: Won't connect to 5g

Search for "5ghz"
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Re: Won't connect to 5g

Please refer to 5Ghz as 5Ghz and 5G as 5G. 5G is an emerging mobile high speed network, rolling out now, and to save confusion..
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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