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Will not reconnect to the WiFi

The power went out a couple of days ago due to a storm. Since then my Roku hasn’t reconnected to the WiFi. I have reset my Roku and router multiple times. It still has been unable to pull up my wifi. Everything else has reconnected fine. Before this I haven't had this issue before. I don't know what else to do to fix it. 

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Re: Will not reconnect to the WiFi

The term "reset" can be interpreted different ways. It can mean "restart," it can mean "factory reset," or it can have an intermediate meaning, depending on the device. So, what actual type of "reset" did you do?

Also, which Roku device, to include the model number?

What router or network setup (mesh network, for instance) do you have?

Is it possible to move the Roku device closer to the router, such as a TV in the same room, and see if it connects there? That troubleshooting step and results may guide those trying to help.

Roku Ultra (4660)
Roku Streambar (9102)
Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810)
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