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Wifi issues on Roku Express

The past week or two, we've had constant wifi issues. The Roku Express Device is directly above it and has worked great for 18+ months until now. We have Xfinity internet. 

The Express device connects fine and shows a strong signal and excellent connection. A few things to note:

1) It will be fine for hours. We'll turn it off, and come back later, and it won't connect. We'll try to connect, and it will say we need to restart the device. It will then work fine. Rinse, repeat.

2) If I go to Network, it shows an Excellent signal. However, if I go to "check connection," it will immediately disconnect, even if previously connected.

So in general, it works fine when it's connected, but is requiring a restart every time we come back to the device, and immediately disconnects if we "check connection." Any advice?

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