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Wifi Signal is Poor even with new router close by

My Roku Premiere plus has been attached to my living room TV for the past few months.  The signal strength has consistently been poor.  Thinking that we've aded too many streaming devices and that our Router/internet speed wasn't sufficient anymore, we upgraded.  Our router is/has been one of the better available.  We now have 500/500 speed in our 3500 sq ft house.  The router was relocated to be within 15 ft of the Roku/tv with nothing between them.  Our signal strength on the Living room Roku still shows Poor, buffers and sometimes can't pick up the signal.  Note that I have a Roku tv in my bedroom (further from router) and it is getting "Excellent" reception.  I can only conclude that the living room Roku is defective.  Any other suggestions? How can I return my Roku or have it replaced without having to send it away and not having a new one yet?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Wifi Signal is Poor even with new router close by

A defective Roku is certainly a possibility, but it could also be wireless interference. The fact different devices work fine doesn't always mean there's not an issue near the problem Roku.

The first thing I'd try is re-positioning the Premiere+. At 2.4 GHz, the frequency wavelength is very small, and only moving a few inches could make a difference. Your device doesn't support 5 GHz, so we can't experiment with that. But if moving the device doesn't help, you could try changing the channel used in your wireless router. It most likely is set to Auto, but sometimes a manual setting can improve performance. If it's currently using a middle channel (around 5-6), change it to one of the end channels. If it's on an end channel, change it to the middle. 

Doesn't cost anything to try. Smiley Very Happy

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