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Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

I know there have been similar threads addressing this same complaint, but to be honest with you, I'm tired of reading them and getting the same "advice" that is totally worthless.  I want to know what ROKU is doing to solve this problem.  Look at the number of posts in different threads, and it seems that the overwhelming complaints are about wifi connectivity, or losing said connectivity.

I have 7 TVs in my home.  5 are connected with ROKU devices, 1 with a firestick and 1 with an AppleTV.  The firestick and the AppleTV NEVER lose their connections, and neither do any of the 4 cell phones, 2 laptops, and 3 iPads, all connected to the same dual wifi router.  Everyone of those devices connects, and stays connected with no problems, EXCEPT the ROKU's.   They take turns disconnecting on the average of twice a day.  While 3 or 4 of them may work at any one time, there is ALWAYS one or two that are not connected at any given time.  I've reset the device, reset the router, reset the modem, got a new modem, and every other suggestion to correct this, and yet it continually happens over and over and over again. Just this morning I watched the news on one TV. Went to get a cup of coffee, came back, and I get the No Network Connection message, while everything else in the house is connected.  It absolutely refuses to recognize or connect to the network that 10 minutes ago it was connected to.  With all the complaints, and all the "fixes" that don't work, and all the other devices that seem to have no problem connecting, this has GOT to be a ROKU issue.  And no, I have PLENTY of bandwidth to take care of my needs so don't even go there.  My question is not how to fix this because the same worn out suggestions you've offered ad nauseam don't work, but what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to address this with system upgrades or replace our devices that seem to perform at their will instead of ours.  Perhaps the best option is to just chalk this up to a bad experience, throw all ROKUs in the trash, and invest in firesticks, AppleTV's or other devices that work.  Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of having to jump through fire hoops to watch TV with a RUKU device. 

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Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

Well, if you're network is suddenly broadcasting only on 5 GHz -- and yes, some ISPs have started changing customer setups that way -- and the devices you mention connect on 5 GHz, and if you have one of the entry-level Roku devices that operates only on 2.4 GHz, then your Roku devices would suddenly not connect.

Now, do you want to try to determine the cause? Because it could be your ISP is making those changes, being "helpful."


So, in order to determine if the problem is with Roku or with something about your network, let's first find out if you have a 2.4 GHz only device. Settings > System > About

What's the model number?

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Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

They are all ROKU Premieres or Express, 2.4G, and all connected to my 2G network.  5G isn’t even an option when scanning networks.  I’ve reset the ROKUs, the modem, the router,  changed wifi channels, and exhausted all options and this still happens on a daily basis for at least one of the I mentioned, only ROKU devices.  Everything else stays connected with no problems. 

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Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

My same issue started at midnight, May 1, a likely trigger for some virus at the ROKU end.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the recent posts regarding your Roku device disconnecting from your wireless network.

We would like to gather some information so we can look further into the issue:

-Roku device model
-serial number
-device ID
-software OS/version
(these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-what ISP (internet service provider) are you using
-what make and model router
-are you using a mesh router/network

With more information we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

#1 Roku Express#3930RW

Serial #X00400LTEF4L

Software 9.4.0 Build 4210-AE

ID S013208TEF4L


#2 Roku Express #3900X

Serial #YG008A890556

Software 9.4.0 Build 4210-51

ID C33928890556


#3 Roku Streaming Stick #3810RW (this is the only one that allows 5G connection, but still goes out intermittently just like all the others)

Serial #YH00A0130029

Software 9.4.0 Build 4210-50

ID C2393A130029


#4 Roku Premiere #3920X

Serial #YH0066975728

Software 9.4.0 Build 4210-91

ID K42036975728


#5 Roku Premiere #3920X

Serial #YH002U748593

Software 10.0.0 Build 4185-91

ID K42072748593


All connected to Spectrum internet IP

Motorola Modem model #E31T2V1 

Askey Router model #RAC2V1K

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Re: Wifi Connections constantly disconnecting

Ok, I finally figured this out and came up with the solution.  I ordered Firesticks for the TVs connected to ROKUs and will gladly put the ROKUs where they belong, in the trash once my Firesticks arrive.  I’m really tired of the **bleep**-shoot I have to go through every single day wondering which of my 5 ROKUs will connect and which ones won’t.  Having to cut my entire network off for the whole family for minutes at a time, multiple times a day so whichever ROKU is disconnected will reconnect is absurd. I fail to see why ROKU can’t understand that this is a ROKU problem, not a 5G or 2.4G from my internet provider, or some other mysterious problem.  Just look at the number of complaints in your own community from people having this same problem.  You asked for serial numbers, model numbers, ISP, software versions, etc., yet despite all the information absolutely no solution has been provided.  And when it is ONLY the ROKU devices that can’t seem to stay connected, and require me to jump through firey hoops to reconnect, then the problem is with the ROKUs, not my network, or modem, or router, or bandwidth, or ISP.   My laptops stay connected.  My Alexas stay connected, my tablets stay connected, my phones stay connected, my doorbell stays connected, my PlayStation stays connected, my AppleTV stays connected, the one Firesticks I have stays connected.  EVERYTHING stays connected EXCEPT the ROKUs, so please explain how this isn’t a ROKU problem.  

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