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WiFi not connecting to smart TV or roku boxes

I just picked up a new panoramic WiFi modem, my other one was 2 years old and I was told I needed a new one because it kept disconnecting from my Roku box. But now this new modem is even connecting to the Roku boxes I have or the Vizio smart TV I have. They would all at least find the WiFi when checking for networks but now nothing. It will not find either one of my 2.4GHz or 5GHz on either device. It is working on my two laptops and 3 IPhones in my home. Just very frustrating I cannot watch any of my TV's or use my streaming services on them. Please help, I texted cox for assistance and they told me it was a Roku issue and asked if I wanted to UPGRADE for more money. I just want them all to work again to listen sonnerie

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Re: WiFi not connecting to smart TV or roku boxes

Do the Roku's see the SSID or list the broadcast signal?

it is the 2.4 ghz signal we're aiming at.

Usually rebooting the Router will fix this.

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