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WiFi connection when WiFi works

So I’m unable to connect to WiFi when everything else is working just fine. I’ve tried resetting everything, replugging everything, and nothing helps. Not only does the WiFi get disconnected but my remote goes in and out of connection to the tv. The volume and power continuously work but the others work for about 7 clicks then will stop for about 10 minutes and then will let me for another 7 clicks and so on... this has already happened in the past and Roku sent me an hdmi extender and that fixed it for about a month or two and now here I am again with the same issue. I don’t want to keep my Roku if this is what I have to deal with every few months. Please help

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Level 11

Re: WiFi connection when WiFi works

Sounds like a new interfering Wi-Fi or other device has appeared in the area. You may want to see if you can change channels on your home wireless network.

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