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WiFi Password change, frozen Roku Streaming Stick

I changed the password in my router and my Roku froze. I tried rebooting several times. It would come up and work for about 5 seconds then freeze. After some troubleshooting I unplugged the router and the Roku started working. In order to get back on my network I had to go to System->Advanced system settings and select Network connection reset. The Roku works ok now, it’s still slow sometimes.
I’m thinking about doing a factory reset.
Has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: WiFi Password change, frozen Roku Streaming Stick

Factory reset is always a last resort. You may want to try the network reset again.

Before that, though, power down your router, modem, and Roku. Then, start them again, one at a time, modem first, with 2-3 minutes between each device.
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Re: WiFi Password change, frozen Roku Streaming Stick

I can't believe there isn't a horde of complaints about this.  I change my wifi network's password for the first time apparently since getting two ROKU sticks and both freeze as well.  If I bring down the network they respond but as soon as it's back up it freezes so you can't change the password on the stick.

Of course, when the network is down you can't set it up...  Nice bug.

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