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WiFI shows 3 bars but wireless network wont connect? Need help.

I'm trying to set up my Roku stick+ in my outdoor gym pretty far from my router. My WIFI network appears with three bars of reception. When I enter my password it gives the red X. I set it up closer to my router on a different TV and I was able to set up. When I moved it back to the gym TV. It made me set up again and gave me the same problem.

Not sure what to do? I'm confused because the Wifi shows three bars of reception, so don't know If buying a range extender will help? The Roku stick Plus is suppose to have a range extender built in? I previously had a TCL TV with built in ROKU set up and it worked with minor buffering.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 7

Re: WiFI shows 3 bars but wireless network wont connect? Need help.

That was happening with mine and I tried everything I could think of. Then I set the clock and it worked. It happened twice and it works as soon as I set the time.

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