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Wi-Fi Network Interference

I bought a Roku Streaming Stick and as soon as i plugged it in and set it up, it started advertising a brand new wireless network on the same frequency and channel as my home wireless network (my wireless network is 5Ghz and is set to channel 48). The network name is HIDDEN from me, but i can see the MAC address of the device and it belongs to Roku. Also when i unplug the Roku that HIDDEN network disappears and when i plug it back in, it reappears. This separate HIDDEN network (which wasn't part of the setup) is causing all sorts of interference with my wireless network, to the point where it is unusable for work from home. I already have the Roku configured to use my private wireless network and it can get to the internet using that network. Why does Roku need a whole new/separate network? And if it must, can we put it on a different channel so the interference will stop? or can i just disable that feature (if possible)? otherwise, i'll have to unplug it from my TV to work.

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Re: Wi-Fi Network Interference

That's the Wi-Fi direct network it uses for the remote.  It has to use it for the remote and it has to be on the same channel.  It's not supposed to cause interference.  The only thing I can suggest is to try different channels keeping in mind that it can't use DFS channels (50 through 144).  You could also try 2.4GHz if that's available.  I don't think you can have the remote on 2.4GHz and the streaming on 5GHz, but I don't know.  I certainly don't know how you'd set that up.

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Re: Wi-Fi Network Interference

I'm having the same problems w an express+. It's awful. So far there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it. Makes the whole thing useless. 

Roku, give us an option to turn the wifi direct off, please! And do it soon!


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