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Why won't roku use Trusted SSL CA's? This is 2020 for crying out loud!

Hi, i've been spending literally the last 30 minutes trying to get my Roku working out of the box behind my Sonicwall TZ300 Firewall. It's no wonder what IOT devices get such a bad reputation for having poor security.  This is just sloppy coding and lazy security procedures. If you are not safeguarding any of the SSL transmitted data on the Roku, how can I trust you are securing my personal information and credit card data? I have already had to punch 6 or 7 holes in my firewall to allow my Roku to function on your service and I still haven't even been able to get it to activate yet, only updated the software.  Please escalate this to your engineering team and IT Security folks and make it a priority to fix this issue ASAP or I will return my product and go with another vendor (ie. Google) who is more serious about network security.  I'm about to put this device in an untrusted VLAN, on my DMZ, and call it quits. Sad really.

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