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What is the correct hotel authentication url

My roku premiere is set up for my home and I'm seeking to use at a hotel.  My roku is directing me to direct-roku-143-3bcc6c with smart phone or tablet.  When I paste direct-roku-143-3bcc6c into chrome it doesn't take me to an authentication web page.  What is the correct url to authenticate?

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Re: What is the correct hotel authentication url

I believe direct-roku-143-3bcc6c is a Wifi SSID which is being broadcast by your Roku device for your smart phone to join.

You will need to go to the Android Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi and make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone.  You should then see the Roku direct wifi SSID in the list of available network for your phone to join.  A wifi password will also be supplied by the Roku instructions that you will need to supply.

It is only after successfully joined can you proceed to using the web browser.

What URL is used to authenticate to the hotel network would be details you would need to ask the hotel.  In some cases it may automatically redirect unauthenticated devices to a hotel registration or terms of service agreement page.  The authentication web page is not being generated by the Roku but rather the directly connect phone is using the Roku as a proxy to the hotel network so the registration in the web browser comes from the Roku.

If you complete the hotel network registration successfully, you should then be able to change the phone network settings such as join the phone to the hotel wifi or turn wifi off.

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