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Update problem solved- Netgear users

Hey guys, new user here. I recently ran into a problem where my Roku TV was not updating and would say try again in a few minutes or gave a code 005 which I believe was a network issue. I figured to do a google search and tried to come across others having this issue. Well I figured out when I tried to click a link to the Roku forums it was not letting me and gave a black screen of my Netgear Firewall saying it was blocked. Weird as I never blocked Any website. So going into my Netgear router settings I found I did not have anything blocked under the Blocked websites tab. 0 keywords. But noticed under Keyword blocking were three selections; Never, Per Schedule and Always. Mine was selected as Always. But even if you have Zero keywords, it still managed to block websites. So selecting to Never and Applying did my fix. I got into Roku forums and updated my Roku TV at the same time so decided to post my Fix for Roku Updating being a Netgear user. Hope this helps guys

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