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“Unable to connect to Roku service”

Just bought a Roku device. I’ve been trying for 30 minutes to activate it but having trouble. And there’s no one I can speak to? What kind of customer service is this? What a joke! This shouldn’t be this complicated. 
Connected to my internet. I put in the code to activate but by the time I finish going through those steps, this “unable to connect to roku services” pops up literally every minute or two. I press check network settings and it says it’s connected. So I try again and the same thing keeps popping up. How can I get past this step? 

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Re: “Unable to connect to Roku service”

How are you connected to the net.

And what type of net service do you have?

Youve created an account here and linked it to your Roku?

Possibly a poor wif connection?

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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