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Two Roku Express units, one works fine, one intermittently 0 Mb/s

Two newish (<1 year) Roku Express units, living room and bedroom, equidistant from WiFi. Living room unit was working fine yesterday, now has to rebuffer constantly using local server (PLEX, which constantly pops up a message about my server not being fast enough - on content that played flawlessly 24 hours ago, same server, same Roku), reports no internet connection. Settings / Network / About shows excellent WiFi signal and 0 Mb/s. It’s updated to latest software and I’ve rebooted it. Same issues.

Simultaneously tried the Bedroom Roku - it works fine, playing the same files over the network, etc, and reports 12 Mb/s (speed test on an iPhone on WiFi shows >32 Mb/s, and on a hardwired Mac Pro, 109.7 Mb/s, so, it’s not the connection).

Scratching my head here...

(And now, 8 hours later, with nothing changing, the living room Roku now shows 14 Mbs and works fine - frustrating!)

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Re: Two Roku Express units, one words fine, one 0 Mb/s

As a guess.. Maybe a neighbor started up a router on the same wifi channel as you're using, causing interference with your system, and your livingroom is nearer to the neighbor's router than your bedroom is. Such a problem would come and go if your neighbir doesn't ru his riuter all the time or if he changes his wifi channel.

If you have a smart phone you can run any of several wifi analyzer apps to check for interference and find a clearer channel you can set your router to use.
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Re: Two Roku Express units, one words fine, one 0 Mb/s

I thought about that, that’s why I ran a bandwidth test on my iPhone (next to the living room Roku, same 2.4 GHz WiFi network) to see. A laptop in the living room also didn’t show any unusual noise (option-clicking the WiFi icon) and great signal strength. Next step is to fire up Kali Linux and see what I can see.

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