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Trying to connect roku in hotel in mexico

I brought my roku (streaming stick plus) to a resort in mayan riviera. But forgot to get my remote.. hence could not navigate to settings to connext to the hotel wifi (which btw has no password)..

As a workaround, i turned on hotspot on one of my mobile phone, change the SsID to the same name as my home network, and set the same password. Tried reconnecting roku and it got automatically connexted to the hotspot.. then i used a second mobile to open roku app.. turned the remote function on and viola i was able to control roku.. i went to settings and clicked on the hotel network.. roku asked me if i was 1) at home or 2) in a hotel or dorm... before i could answer it got disconnected... 

Now no matter how many times i restart roku, it seems to be neither on the hotspot nor on the hotel network, as roku app remote will not work... its connected but not sure to what wifi.. my roku app (whether the phone is on hotspot or hotel wifi) will not recognize any roku device


Any advice or solution to cast netflix on hotel tv ??? (Fyi.. hotel tv is samsung but not smart)

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Re: Trying to connect roku in hotel in mexico

Did you get this workin?

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