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Tips for Roku App and Asus Router Connection Problems

I'd had a wired Roku 2 for years, and the official remote app had always worked flawlessly. When i added a Roku Express, however, the app did not play nicely with it all, in that it would connect only intermittently. I saw the same behavior on the iOS and Android versions. The app would often fail to see the Express at all, even after several minutes of searching. After much trial and error, I found the problem:

Wireless=>Professional=>Airtime Fairness should be disabled for 2.4GHz (it's enabled by default).

I disabled it only for 2.4GHz.  My router is an RT-AC3100, firmware

Since making this change, the app has been rock-solid reliable on both OSs, and connects every time. For the record, I found the following common settings have no effect:

    • Smart Connect - I have it enabled. I've verified that there's no problem when mobile devices are on 5GHz, and Roku Express is on 2.4GHz (both have the same SSID)


  • Roaming Assistant - I have it disabled, simply because I have no other access point; but it worked just fine with it enabled

As part of my troubleshooting, I at one point gave the Roku a static IP. This alone did not solve the problem; but I left it static even after finding the Airtime Fairness issue. YMMV.

Good luck!

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Re: Tips for Roku App and Asus Router Connection Problems

This worked for me, so thank you!!

I had also gone into the 'secret' menu in my Ruku Express and 1) disabled interval pinging and 2) cleared the AP network setting. I'm not sure if any of those added changes were needed, but I haven't had an issue since.

I have an update-to-date Asus AC `87 router and while the initial Ruku WiFi setup worked, after just a day the Roku just disconnected on its own and wouldn't reconnect.

My Password and SSID were just alphanumeric and fairly simple.

Ruku really should address this issue as this is the first device I've encountered the issue with despite owning my router for a few years now.

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Re: Tips for Roku App and Asus Router Connection Problems

Thanks a bunch. Had this same issue on the GT-AC5300

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Re: Tips for Roku App and Asus Router Connection Problems

Same issue with Roku ultra and disabling airtime fairness fixed.  Can’t believe Roku can handle a common wifi feature like this?  Thanks for your post.

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