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The roku express not connecting to network?.



I have 5 roku express devices. I added a nova mw6 wifi mesh router on Friday and had to go thru all my setups again to new router name and password. No issues, every one connected with no problem. Working fine last night, but this Whataburger survey morning one of the krogerfeedback talktosonic talktowendys devices now will not connect to my network. After going thru the connection setup my new wifi network is the default network I see, I click on "password" and enter the password, all letters and numbers. It will not connect. I go to roku website and go thru the troubleshooting suggested and still fails at accepting the password. Spoke with tech support lady at roku and she had me go thru all the same things and still not accepting the password. Works on all my other wireless devices including other rokus. I tried a factory reset and it fails upon starting up when I get to the password. Tech lady tells me I'm not typing in my password correctly. now she's just making me frustrated as I know I'm typing correct password.




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Re: The roku express not connecting to network?.

There's so many reports of Rokus not connecting and no common answer.  Rokus just seem to have trouble with mesh routers (and many other routers).

For what it's worth, I'd be willing to bet that lady has no association with Roku.  Roku has no phone support and Express models come with no support whatsoever save the website and this "community".  I'm surprised she didn't tell you that you needed to pay for some upgrade.

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