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The "Hotel and Dorm Connect" tab's new look corrupted the normal way to connect to college wifi.

I am in college and I know that I have to connect to the Roku network and use my labtop or tablet to sign in to my college wireless wifi network in order for my Roku TV to be connected to the internet. However, now that the "Hotel and dorm connect" tab is updated (looks different), it is acting very abnormal. When I try to use the "Hotel and dorm connect" tab to connect to the internet, it does not show up on my labtop and tablet network settings. But, when I am not trying to use that tab, or when the network setup times out, that is when the Roku is available in the network settings. That update has messed up the normal way for college students like me to connect our Roku TV's to the internet for us to be able to use it. It makes no sense. Please recognize this issue and also, if possible, return the "Hotel and dorm connect" tab back to the way it was before because I was able to use it the normal way before your company updated the look of it. Thank you!

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Level 7

Re: The "Hotel and Dorm Connect" tab's new look corrupted the normal way to connect to col

i had the same problem and so I did a system reset and now it works fine! 

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