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TCL Roku won't connect to internet. 014.49 error

I am on my second TCL 43" 5 Series purchased at Best Buy. The first one I bought in June connected to my router but would lose connection occasionally so I bought a NetGear signal booster which helped for awhile but a week ago I started loosing connection and sometimes wouldn't connect at all. When the network showed it was always a strong signal. It remembered the correct password but often began not even accepting the correct password. Sometimes if I shut the tv off for awhile it would automatically log on or be disconnected for 15-20 seconds and then connect. Looking on Roku and TCL discussion boards I found 10 pages of the exact same complaint since Jan of this year. I called Best Buy which, after a 40mile trip to their store, gave me a replacement. I have spent 4 hours trying to connect to my router with no success. I can't even set my tv up because I'm stopped at the wireless connection. Again it shows a strong signal but won't accept my password. I've had TCL in the past and have been very happy which is why I came back. I decided to splurge for the 5 series for the better picture but I'm about ready to throw it in the lake. If I have to take this one the 80 mile round trip to return to Best Buy I'm through with both Roku And TCL. 

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Re: TCL Roku won't connect to internet. 014.49 error

I'm having this problem with my Sharp Roku TV now... Ugh. Did you ever work it out?

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