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TCL ROKU tv frequently drops wifi signal in the middle of watching.

My TCL ROKU TV frequently drops the wifi signal in the middle of streaming. This happens on any streaming channel I'm watching. All other wifi streaming devices are working fine, the router is in other room on same floor, wifi signal is very strong. To date I've contacted my cable company about wifi, unplugged tv and plugged back in, reset the wifi on TV and nothing seems to help.  

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Re: TCL ROKU tv frequently drops wifi signal in the middle of watching.

Hi just been looking to buy a Roku but I noticed all the boxes and stick are all wireless no ethernet connection I've had second thoughts on buying one as I purchased a Now TV stick which I Noticed it was made by Roku and all the same problems I have read on this page also applies to the Now TV stick keeps dropping the wi-fi signal then you cant get it to connect I sent my Now tv stick back and got a refund so it looks like the moto is avoid Roku until they make one with a ethernet connection

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