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TCL ROKU Tv keeps dropping WiFi

I have had the same tv for almost two years. 4 days ago the tv stopped working with the internet. I reset my router, nothing. I called my internet provider, they came out and nothing. (Mind you ALL devices I. My house work but this TCL ROKU Tv). I even reset my tv to factory setting and NOTHING!

After having everything checked, I called TCL...they sent me to a ROKU support person who knew far less than I did and kept making redoing everything I have done with nothing fixing it. We somehow get one calls me back and when I call in...its days due to COVID...they have no support calls... makes no sense.


so unhappy with this tv and ROKU right now!


can anyone please help?!?

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Re: TCL ROKU Tv keeps dropping WiFi

I’m having the same problem and no idea why it keeps dropping WiFi connection. Just bought this tv and can’t connect to anything 

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Re: TCL ROKU Tv keeps dropping WiFi

So I started having the same issue about 3 or 4 days ago. We did a factory reset and unplugged it for a few hours. When I went through the setup again it found the wifi and was able to connect but it dropped again yesterday. Did the same thing today and was able to connect and set it up again. It looks like the latest update is the problem and once it auto updates it loses the ability to read the wifi networks. I havent been able to get through to support either. I hope they fix it soon. 

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Re: TCL ROKU Tv keeps dropping WiFi

Is it losing the connection when you power the TV off/on?  Try enabling "Fast TV start" in the Power settings.

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