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Streaming music to smart soundbar with tv off.

I bought this soundbar after I read a CNET review that stated you could stream music over bluetooth to the speaker even with the TV off. I am able stream over bluetooth but only with the tv on. With the tv off, my phone shows it it still connected to the speaker but no sound comes out of the speaker.

Using the tv remote, I selected "Fast TV Start" in the "Power" settings.  The Power menu is not in the settings when using the Soundbar remote.

Then, when using the Bluetooth remove,  I don't see the "Turn off display" under the Bluetooth * menu as shown in the video tutorial.


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Level 7

Re: Streaming music to smart soundbar with tv off.


Quick response from customer support email, but why isn't this in the instructions in the box, easy to search for (I tried) or intuitive like any other bluetooth speaker.

Should not be this complicated.

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